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EFRA off-road wedstrijd regelement

Berichtdoor Roel » ma nov 10, 2008 1:24 pm

EFRA off-road wedstrijd regelement (Grand prix en EK)

1 Large scale off-road
Technical requirements for Large scale off road racing

1.2 Motors ( as in large scale F 1 )

1.3 Exhaust
The exhaust system may never produce more than 81 DB measured at 10 meters distance and 1 meter
from the ground
The exhaust must be fitted under the body shell . The exhaust end pipe may be outside the shell. This
pipe must be fitted so the rearward or to the ground and within the size off the car. In case of the
exhaust system produces more noise than the 81 DB the race director and /or the referee can order
the car to come in for a noise check. If the car exceeds the allowed limits it needs to be repaired to
enter the race (again)

1.4 Fuel tank and fuel
The max content of the fuel tank till the carb is 700 cc
The allowed fuel may only exists of Lead-free gasoline
Oils and additives
Forbidden are all special fuels and extra’s as Avgas, octane boosters and race fuel.

1.5 Only 2 wheel rear drive is allowed
Cars with electric drive, propellers or rocket-fuel drive are not allowed
Cars can only have 1 gearing: no multispeed transmissions allowed

1.6 Clutch and brake
The model cars must have a working clutch and brake system. Other than Active ABS systems there
are no restrictions for brakes.

1.7 Bumper
All models must have a front bumper, a rear bumper is allowed but not mandatory.
Bumpers must be made from a flexible material
The front bumper can have minimum 100mm, a maximum size of 220 mm with, rear bumper can have
a max size of 300 mm with

1.8 Tires and wheels
Wheels diameter max 120 mm, with max 65 mm
Tires: max diameter 170mm with max 75 mm
Only tires made for off road use are allowed
The wheels have to be made for Large scale

1.9 Chassis, Body measurements
Only original large scale lexan body shells are allowed
The body must be fully painted except for the windows
Motorstop access must be easy .
The chassis must be flat underneath and no screws may extend

1.1 Technical classes and weight
All cars have to be large scale
Rear wheel drive
Weight limits are 10 kg min and 14 kg max
Weight limits for a race ready car with transponder / PT but no fuel load
Modifying or self builder cars are allowed, as far as those fulfil the technical rules mentioned.

Car size
Max length 820 mm
Max with 480 mm with full compressed suspension
Max height 360 mm with full compressed suspension

1.10 Wing
The wing must be made from a flexible material
Max size 300 mm x 140 mm
Overhang max 150 mm from the middle of the rear drive shafts

2. Race
The European Championship will be run as a single event ( large scale euro rules ), This rule is valid
from 2010
Racers with equal points: the racer with the highest single finish will be rewarded the tie: if still tied, the
second best finish position etc. In case of a continue tie the tie will be rewarded to the highest finish the
last race both drivers entered.
All drivers entering the European Championship must have a valid EFRA Licence
An Efra licence must be obtained from the native country

2.1. Duration of the races:
Free practice max. 8 minutes
Heats 10 minutes (plus the last lap and time of the last lap)
Sub-finals min. 15 minutes, max. 20 minutes up from the 1/32 final and
30 minutes for semi finals (plus the last lap and time of
the last lap)
Final Saloon 30 minutes (plus the last lap and time of the last lap)
Final Formula 1 45 minutes (plus the last lap and time of the last lap)

a) The EFRA Christmas Tree will be used.
128 EFRA Handbook 2008
b) All other drivers are allowed to race a sub-final.
c) Sub-Finals: The first 3 drivers from each sub-final progress up to the next
Semi-final: The first 4 drivers from each semi- final progress up to the final
together with the next 2 drivers with the best times from the 2 semi-finals
d) In the event of different weather conditions during the semi-finals the first
five from each semi-final will move up to the final.
e) It is not allowed to drive a model

2.6 Re-Fuelling
Refuelling is only allowed until the cars are called for the start. Cars re-fuelled within 30 sec before the start
must start from the Pit.
During a heat or final there is no re-fuelling allowed
Marshalls have to be 16 years of age minimum
If not they need to have an experienced substitute
Race procedure’s as in EFRA Large scale

3. Tracks

3.1 size
Minimum preferred total length: 200 meter.
Minimum preferred width between marking/lanes: 3.5 meter for GP’s 4 meter for an EC.
The point most far away from the middle of the drivers rostrum can be 60 meters

The track design can be made by the organiser. Obstacles as trees, etc cannot be inside the track area. The
drivers view to the track must be free without obstacles of any sort.
The track must be made with a reasonable variety of small and large corners, left as well as right handed. The
straights must have different lengths.

3.3 Marking
The lanes must be clearly viewable by the competitors on the rostrum and the track markers must be chosen in
such way the cars will not be damaged if they hit the track markers. The track markers must be solid enough
not to be moved by a single contact.

3.4 track markings
The organiser must make sure a car can never come into the public. Safety of the public, drivers, mechanics
and race directors / assistants must be maintained all time by a save and functional track surrounding.
The track markers must be situated so that corner cutting is highly impossible and cars cannot enter another
lane easily. Track markers can be made of wood, fire hoses filled with sand, rubber hoses etc.
By choosing the track markers the safety of the public is far more important as preventing damage to the cars.

3.5 Start / Finish
There must be a clearly visible start/finish line. On the finish line the timing loop must be placed in such way the
cars may not damage it. In case of a loose track surface the markings for start finish can be made on the track
All finals make use of a formula 1 starting grid. 10 start boxes will be marked so the difference between the
cars 1 -3 will be 4 meters. The cars with the even numbers will be placed in the same way with 4 meters
between 2 – 4 etc Car 2 will start minimum 2 meters beside the number 1 car but will be placed 2 meters back
from the number 1 car and will be 2 meters in front off the number 3 car and so on.

3.6 Pits
It needs to be separated from the track Pits entrance and exit needs to be at least 1 meter width.
EFRA AGM 2008 Villefontaine - 9 - Section Large Scale

The drivers preparation area needs to be within a reasonable distance of the track. It needs to have pit tables
for all drivers and 220 volts available. Only drivers, mechanics and race officials can enter the pit area. They
have to show ID cards, made available by the organiser to identify. Each driver should receive a card for himself
and 2 cards for mechanics.

All warnings and instructions must be clear to hear for all competitors and mechanics

Adequate sanitary must be available during the event.
Velle est posse

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Re: EFRA off-road wedstrijd regelement

Berichtdoor Bernie » di nov 11, 2008 11:02 am

The exhaust must be fitted under the body shell .

Dan heeft een HPI Baja een probleem of niet?
Ik zie, ik zie, wat jij niet ziet :mrgreen: .

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Junior gebruiker
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Re: EFRA off-road wedstrijd regelement

Berichtdoor bolletje » do nov 13, 2008 9:31 am

Ik wil nog even vermelden dat voor het reglement in het nieuwe EFRA Handboek 2009 wordt geplaatst alle punten eerst nog hernummerd worden.

Dat heb je goed opgemerkt. Alle landen waren het ermee eens dat uit veiligheids overwegingen de uitlaat onder de kap moet zitten.

Een probleem voor de Baja's (ook bij de fg baja komt het voor): Ja, als je er niets aan doet! Op de GP van Tsjechie en de GP van Oostenrijk hebben de Baja rijders dit opgelost om met een stuk plastic (van bv. lege Cola fles) het opendeel waar de uitlaat niet onder de kap zit af te schermen.

gr. Ron

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