H.A.R.M.: XS one Powerservo

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H.A.R.M.: XS one Powerservo

Berichtdoor Roel » zo mar 22, 2009 8:02 am


H.A.R.M. XS one Powerservo

Due to this fact F. Pisoni from Italy looked into the available technology of servos big scale and realized a radical conversion on the basis of the Multiplex Rhino respectively Hitec 5745 servo which housing is identical with the Rhino servo.


With the conversion a high-quality motor is mounted, the electronic is modified and some more changes and amendments are made in order to make the servo more stable, powerful, reliable and more effective. After the conversion the servo is almost water proof which is very important for Off-Road drivers. Further difference is the operation voltage. After the conversion the servo can be operated with 12 V what facilitates the use of e.g. two lipo batteries without problems.

The drivers who tested the first modified servos have been deeply impressed. H.A.R.M. Racing heard of the project and concluded an agreement with F. Pisoni. This enables H.A.R.M. Racing now to offer this extraordinary technology also to a wide spread clientele.

There are not just complete servos available, it is also possible to have an existing Multiplex Rhino or Hitec 5745 servo converted with H.A.R.M. Racing.

Technical data of the H.A.R.M. XS one power servo:


Transit speed: 59 x 29 x 55 mm
ca. 170 g
@ 6,0V: 25 kg-cm
@ 7,6V: 30 kg-cm
@ 6,0V: 0,09 sec
@ 7,6V: 0,08 sec

bron: www.harm-racing.com
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