GPM schokbrekers

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GPM schokbrekers

Berichtdoor Q » vr jan 23, 2009 10:15 pm

GPM-Spezial Cross shocks, set of 4
GPM-Spezial Cross shocks, premium full metal version, assembled and filled, set of 4.
Special features:
• 16 mm shock bore for increased capacity
• volume compensation
• shock body and caps machined from billet aluminum
• hard anodized shock body
• machined precision delrin pistons (not injection molded!)
• aluminum shaft end and spring retainer
• shock caps with replaceable bushings
• already filled with silicone oil
Long and short version availble in the following sets:
• version 1
2 each long and short shocks, fits
- FG Marder / Baja / Beetle / Pajero / Marder Race / Leopard / Monster Beetle
- Carson Comanche / Attack Evo / CRT / CPT and Duratrax Firehammer MT
• version 2
4 long shocks, fits
- FG Truck (Monster / Stadium / Street)
- FG Jeep (Monster / Stadium / Street)
- FG Hummer (Monster / Stadium / Street)
- FG Monster Beetle Pro
• version 3
2 each long and short shocks with spacers for the front, fits
- Carson Attack / Super Attack / Gas Blaster / Big Attack
- Smartech Spider, Duratrax Firehammer
We recommend our progressive offroad tuning springs "Dirt-Spring M".
FG cars can use their stock springs as well.
Introductory price: € 59.90 / set
(Regular price: € 99.80 / set)


l1 (overall length, extended): long 155 mm, short 131 mm
l2 (mounting distance, extended): long 144,5 mm, short 120,5 mm
s (travel): long 43,5 mm, short 30,5 mm
d (inner diameter of spring): 21 mm
shock body diameter: 20 mm
eye bore: 4 mm
eye thickness: top 6 mm, bottom 5 mm
shaft diameter: 4 mm
shaft thread: M4

Shock oil recommendations:
The GPM-Spezial Cross shocks are factory filled with 500 viscosity silicone oil. This gives a very good shock performance at normal ambient temperatures.
When a softer shock is required, you can go for 400 or even 300 viscosity oil; 600 and up if you prefer more damping.
One 50 ml bottle fills 5 long or 6 short shocks., ... ock,,,.htm" onclick=";return false;

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